Lake Geneva

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Lake Geneva belongs to both Switzerland and France. The French call the lake Lac Leman. The lake is beautiful and offers extensive views of the mountain peaks of the Alps. With an area of over 584 km², Lake Geneva is the largest inland lake in Central Europe. It is therefore not surprising that the lake is a popular attraction for many tourists and locals. There is plenty to do in the area around Lake Geneva. There is a lot of sailing and you can discover the lake with a tour boat or go for a culinary cruise.

The lake invites you to enjoy the water activities;

Sup (stand Up Paddling)
Boat trips

In addition to water activities, you can also walk and cycle around the lake or take a seat on one of the cosy terraces. Culture lovers can indulge themselves at Lake Geneva. Due to the rich history of the area there are many palaces, boats, museums, villages, parks and castles that tell the history of the lake.

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