Vink's travel story | "Beautiful location and perfect gastronomy!"

Mr. Vink spent two nights with his partner at Oasis Coral Estate Beach, Dive & Wellness Resort in June. 

Your best activity 

"We chose this beautiful location for the "gastronomy" at Karakter. Karakter's location, service and gastronomy belong to the top 3 of Curacao. The accommodation of Oasis Coral Estate is certainly not inferior to that."

Your most beautiful place 

"When you see pictures of the beach - and thus Karakter - at first you think it's "photoshopped". When you lie swooning "real time" on your beach bed, see the pelican diving for the umpteenth time to "grab a fish" and enjoy that cool "M" from Chateau Minuty, you realize that nobody can photoshopped it. Beautiful, super friendly service and top quality!"

Strand bij Karakter beachclub

Your best restaurant

"My praise of Karakter doesn't stop: Top!" 

Your most beautiful memory

"With your feet in the sand, 3-course Karakter menu and the Ardèche of Latour are on a shared first place."

Tips for guests who visit the resort after you

"Don't think. Just do it. If you're planning on going for a week, just make it 2 weeks in advance. Beautiful location, spotless, idyllic, delightful gastronomy, friendly and professional!"

Oasis Coral Estate